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Module Code: ENV301
Module Title: Final Year Project
Module Level: Level 3
Module Credits: 10.00
Academic Year: 2018/19
Semester: ACYR
Originating Department: Environmental Science
Pre-requisites: N/A
To develop students' skills in carrying out an independent research project through designing and executing a research work by conducting lab and/or field work, or using comparative information and databases.
Learning outcomes 
On completion of the project, students should be able to demonstrate the following skills:

On completion of the project, students should have the following skills:

A. Organisational skills

- Plan and implement a research project

- Time management skills

- Display responsibly commitment to the project

B. Practical skills

- Recognise hazards and follow safe and ethical working practices

- Demonstrate skills in selecting appropriate methodologies and research strategies

- Record reliable research data/information

C. Intellectual skills

- Display the ability to read and write critically

- Familiarity with the background literature to the project

- Formulate research questions and appreciate the learning outcomes

- Analyse data using appropriate techniques, interpret observations/data/information and draw conclusions

- Appreciate the relevance of the project's findings in the context of the literature

D. Communication skills

- Interact with academic staff, research staff and fellow students

- Maintain an accurate, comprehensive and intelligible record of methods, observations/data/information

- Produce a preliminary report and a final report (dissertation) and give an oral presentation

Method of teaching and learning 
Research project topics proposed by staff members will be distributed to all students in June. Students can consult the supervisors of projects that interest them. Students may suggest project ideas for themselves, as well as a potential supervisor. Students will submit their ranked choice of project titles and projects will be allocated on the basis of this choice. Students will be notified of the project allocated at the beginning of term. After starting the project, the supervisor will meet regularly with the student to discuss progress, and will provide feedback during the analysis and writing-up stage. Students must meet with their supervisors as follows:

(1) feedback on proposal and detailed discussion of research plans,

(2) feedback on a submitted literature review,

(3) feedback on submitted data analysis and other elements of dissertation (Introduction; Methods; Discussion),

(4) feedback on academic requirements (writing style, dissertation structure).

All laboratory and field work will be supervised by trained technicians and the supervisor.

A. The research project can be based upon a laboratory or fieldwork exercise, or through the use of comparative information and databases. It will extend over two semesters. Each project will be supervised formally by a member of academic staff.

B. At the beginning of the project, the supervisor will provide training and information about project management and safety.

C. In Semester 1, students will submit a project proposal including the objectives of the project, research questions / hypotheses as appropriate, methodology and a timetable plan of the project. In Semester 1 they should conduct a literature process for the project.

D. After Preliminary Reports are approved by the supervisors, students will be expected to execute their project work. Students will have regular meetings with their supervisor to evaluate progress.

E. Students will also give an oral presentation to show their progress at the end of Semester 1. The presentation should include methods, field work and analysis to date, along with a timeline (to be approved) for work to be done in Semester 2.

F. In Semester 2, students should continue with field/lab/data analysis activities though these should be completed so they have sufficient time to write a comprehensive project report.

G. A Final Report as a dissertation will be submitted and an oral presentation (followed by a question and answer session) given at the end of Semester 2.

H. A project notebook will be maintained and presented regularly to the supervisor for inspection through both semesters.
Delivery Hours  
Lectures Seminars Tutorials Lab/Prcaticals Fieldwork / Placement Other(Private study) Total
Hours/Semester 4           296   


Sequence Method % of Final Mark
1 Preliminary Report 10.00
2 Oral Presentation 20.00
3 Final Report And Oral Presentation 70.00

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