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Module Code: CEN301
Module Title: Structural Steelwork, Timber and Masonry
Module Level: Level 3
Module Credits: 5.00
Academic Year: 2017/18
Semester: SEM1
Originating Department: Civil Engineering
Pre-requisites: N/A
• To introduce students to the basic behaviour of various forms of steel structures, timber structures and masonry structures.
• To ensure that the students are aware of the limitations of each material.
• To introduce students to the relevant Eurocode codes of practice and their use in structural design.
Learning outcomes 
Students completing the module successfully should:

Intellectual Abilities:

A be aware of the basic behavior of the three materials

B be aware of optimum forms of structures and members

D demonstrate ability to apply appropriate methods of design to structures and
structural elements for each material

E demonstrate ability to make appropriate choices of materials for specific purposes

Knowledge and Understanding:

J demonstrate ability to apply load combinations according to Eurocodes

F demonstrate ability to evaluate the load paths within a structure

I demonstrate ability to analyze structures in all materials

G demonstrate ability to select appropriate sections in any of the materials

K demonstrate ability to analyze structures using hand and computer methods

C demonstrate understanding of the behavior of connections involved in each material

H demonstrate ability to select, analyze, and design appropriate connection schemes for each material

L demonstrate ability to check calculations using appropriate methods and demonstrate sense of proportions

General Transferrable Skills:

M demonstrate ability to present results of static analyses in written form

Practical Skills:

N demonstrate awareness of health and safety issues and regulations associated with laboratory experiments and construction/manufacturing site visits
Method of teaching and learning 
Basic information is presented in the form of lectures on each material. The lectures are supplemented by a number of tutorial problems which the students attempt on their own. Coursework involving design of structures in all three materials is an essential component of the course. Ongoing laboratory projects relevant to the taught subjects may be included. Construction/manufacturing site visits may be included.
Steel: Design of structural steelwork to Eurocode 3

1) Update of steel design to Eurocode 3 and related Eurocodes

2) Introduction to the theory of plasticity and its application to steel building design.

3) Design of portal frames and moment steel frames.

4) Welding and bolting connection methods.

5) Design of steel single-storey buildings for industrial, distribution, retail and leisure purposes. Timber: Introduction to wood as a material and to various relevant engineered wood products and jointing methods

Design of structural timber to Eurocode 5

1) Characteristic and design values of material properties

2) Moisture and load duration aspects

3) Ultimate limit state design of straight beams, columns and connections to Eurocode 5

4) Serviceability limit state design to Eurocode 5

5) Sustainability of timber structures and forest resources.

Masonry: Design of structural masonry to Eurocode 6

1) Characteristic compression, shear and bending strengths.

2) Eccentrically loaded compression members.

3) Shape as a design parameter.

4) Laterally loaded orthotropic panels.

5) An indication of approaches to global stability; use of reinforcement; practical

6) Building design details.

7) Specific forms such as cellular walls and important non-structural aspects in an

8) Integrated design.

Delivery Hours  
Lectures Seminars Tutorials Lab/Prcaticals Fieldwork / Placement Other(Private study) Total
Hours/Semester 39     13      98  150 


Sequence Method % of Final Mark
1 Written Examination 70.00
2 Coursework 30.00

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